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Leadership Team

Adsystech's Leadership team offers a wide variety of skills and experience critical to the continuous success of the company's iterative software solutions.
Each Team Member holds a key role in achieving Adsystech's customer satisfaction.
Arnold Avant


Founding Adsystech in 1987, Mr, Avant has been integral in ensuring ongoing project visibility and vigilance at the highest level of the company. His primary responsibility is to guarantee all necessary resources are available to accomplish the company’s obligations. Mr. Avant earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Harvard University and a Master of Philosophy in Mathematical Statistics from George Washington University.

Roland Gillis


Partnering with the Company in 1994, Mr Gillis has over 20 years experience as an Software Architect and is the Chief Architect for Adsystech’s Adaptive Enterprise Solutions (AES) products. He serves as our executive-in-charge and senior architect of our base platform Enginuity©. Mr. Gillis manages the development team and provides project management to key implementations. Mr. Gillis holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Tuskeegee University.

Rushton James

Senior Director

Mr. James serves as Senior Director of IT and Production Operations with Adsystech. He leads the organization as the Information Security Office with 20 years’ experience in all phases of network security and network architecture.  He oversees Adsystech’s cloud services, data center and tier 3 technical support operations. Mr. James holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from California State University Fullerton.

Account Management
Guy VanDunk

Senior Manager

Mr. Van Dunk has led Adsystech's Account Management department, ensuring that customer's are getting the best possible support. With the ability to anticipate possible customer related issues, he has become essential in the quality of post-production satisfaction. Mr. VanDunk holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Tuskeegee University.

Business Development
Mr. Mitchell Johnson

Senior Manager

Mitchell Johnson serves as the Business Development Manager for Adsystech Inc. He is responsible for following marketplace trends, identifying potential business deals, and vetting strategic partnerships that bring value to the public sector. He prioritizes and negotiates strategic partnerships, and develops an system of implementation partnerships for fast growth. Mr. Johnson holds a JD from Case Western University School of Law.

Research and Development
Dr. YuanTao Li

Senior Director

Dr. Li serves as the lead architect for Adsystech’s Enginuity Platform. He is responsible for managing the development of our core platform environment, research and development and implementing the latest technology trends.  Dr. Li has created more than 15 publications and has received numerous honor awards.  He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious Tsinghua University in China.