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The Work You Do is Important, So Are the Solutions You Use

By / February 28, 2018 / , , , , / 0 Comments

Why is Case Management important? Case Management is a specialty practice in the health and human services industry. Case managers know the importance of achieving objectives and certain outcomes. They also help others become more self sufficient.  Many work for a wide spectrum of programs that are aimed toward helping communities, families, people with low […]

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Have a Heart

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Yesterday, many of us spent some portion of our day spreading love to valentines, friends, family, or spouses. For the month of February, hearts symbolize more than just love. This month is not only geared to the celebration of Black History, showing love, and being presidential, but also bringing awareness to the importance of heart […]

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Can the Shut Down affect HUD?

By / February 8, 2018 / / 0 Comments

The government is working towards preventing another shut down by passing the Budget Deal Bill that was released yesterday at midnight. Unfortunately, there was much opposition, which resulted in the shut down. The 600 page proposed budget deal, if passed, will increase investments in domestic programs, including the military,  by $300 billion over the next […]

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