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ICE (Integrated Collaborative Enterprise) is a solutions company partnered with Adsystech assisting clients in upgrading their enterprisce service delivery. Through ICE, clients have the ability to align business functionailities wth customer needs.
Communication Services Management

Known as a One-Stop solution for DoD agencies, the Communication Services (CS) portal has the ability to manage the efficiency and quality of services delivered (intranet/internet, telephone, smartphone, cable TV, etc). High performing and scalable, through it's multiple enterprise applications, clients can expect comprehensive service offering interfaces for customers.

  • Process-Driven Service delivery interfaces

  • Intelligence Reporting interfaces for management to monitor

Sales and Marketing Intelligence

The Sales and Marketing Intelligence (SMI) portal provides sales associate with the tools needed to perform market analytic by gaining addition insight on sales and marketing strategies.

Optimal Fuel Supply Purchasing

By creating a "Best Business-Case" purchasing subsystem, clients are able to expereince maximum profit while offering the most competitive prices to customers purchasing fuel. The Best Business-Case subsystem bases automated fuel purchasing transactions on :

  • Fuel Pricing on the Daily Exchange

  • Refinery Contract Obligations

  • Cost of Business

  • Critically Low Fuel Reserves

Staff Augmentation and Consulting

ICE offers consulting services that assist with filling in resource gaps by managing part of or all of a client's application environment.