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Share Your Screen

Download and install Amazon Chime for your Operating system
Click Run or Open the application download prompt to begin the installation process
Open Amazon Chime Application, click join a meeting without an account
Choose Join Meeting and enter the Meeting ID provided in the meeting invitation
To share your screen, choose Screen, and then choose Share Screen to share your whole screen, or Share Window to share a specific window
  • Desktop users see a Shared screen pop-up, and mobile users see an alert to ignore or view the shared screen.
  • You can't share your screen when using the Amazon Chime web app, but you can still view screens shared with you.
Mute and Unmute Others
  • Mute and unmute audio, either by choosing Mute at the top of the meeting window, or by choosing the microphone icon at the top of the Chat window. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Y.
  • To mute yourself or other callers individually, on the meeting roster, select the microphone icon next to the caller to mute. When a caller is on mute, only they can unmute themselves.