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Reporting and Business Analytics

Report access is managed through the use of integrated security tools.


  • Community Service Block Grant Information Survey

  • Annual Progress Reports (APR)

  • Annual Household Reports (AHAR)

  • ROMA Reports

  • Program Iinformation Reports (PIR)

  • ASR Reports

  • CDBG Reports

  • Weatherization Enrollment Reports

  • Program Outcome Reports

  • Program Expected Milestone Reports

  • Program Funding Reports

  • Internal Business Tracking Reports


Ad-Hoc reporting is a way for users to excerise the ability to create a query, which can be viewed within a report template. These templates can be viewed in various ways (text list, pie chart, bar graph). When a user creates a custom query and associated report template, they have the option of saving it for future use.


Combining viewable data, configurable dashboards deliver compiled information and analytics to users in charts and graphs. This creates a more efficent way of veiwing relational databases.

Business Intelligence

Through business intelligence, Adsystech's software assists organizations in gathering, storing and accessing analyzed or analyzable information.