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Health and Homelessness

By / September 27, 2018 / , / 0 Comments

In 2017, 20% of the homeless population reported to have mental health issues, 16% have chronic substance abuse, and more than 10,000 homeless people have AIDS/HIV. (1) People who are homeless have higher risks of contracting  chronic illnesses compared to the general population. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, many homeless face heart […]

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How Coordinated Care Can Help Seniors

By / August 30, 2018 / , , / 0 Comments

A recent study suggest that a major way to keep senior citizens with multiple chronic conditions healthy is through coordinated care. Through a review 0f 25 earlier studies using over 12,000 patients, researchers have found that patients with multiple chronic illnesses were show signs of improved health though coordinated care(2). Many of these patients had […]

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Have a Heart

By / February 15, 2018 / , / 0 Comments

Yesterday, many of us spent some portion of our day spreading love to valentines, friends, family, or spouses. For the month of February, hearts symbolize more than just love. This month is not only geared to the celebration of Black History, showing love, and being presidential, but also bringing awareness to the importance of heart […]

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