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Have a Heart

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Yesterday, many of us spent some portion of our day spreading love to valentines, friends, family, or spouses. For the month of February, hearts symbolize more than just love. This month is not only geared to the celebration of Black History, showing love, and being presidential, but also bringing awareness to the importance of heart health! If you’ve seen some people sporting the color red, it may not have just been for their valentine, but also, to represent a healthy heart! Many of us probably know someone near and dear to our hearts that have experienced heart complications. The American Heart Health Association began the first American Heart month in 1964; at this time more than half of American deaths were connected to cardiovascular disease. Today, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death around the globe with about 17.9 million deaths per year. By 2030, this number is projected to increase to more than 23.6 million!  Fortunately, cardiovascular disease can be prevented by a few lifestyle changes. Integrating these changes not only improve quality of life, but will ultimately save you money from potential hospital bills and medications!

Here are some ways you  can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease:

  • Exercise regularly!- get that body moving and that heart pumping!
  • Eat heart healthy meals- eat foods low in sugars, salts, and cholesterol.
  • Reduce stress- high blood pressure is no bueno! Find ways to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure by enrolling in a yoga class, take an arts class, get a massage, or  try meditation!
  • Sleep- get enough sleep so that your body has energy for the day.

Visit “How to Prevent Heart Disease” to see more preventative health tips! Remember health is wealth, and the healthier you are the less time and money you’ll have to spend in a hospital!



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