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Enterprise Case Management (User-Friendly)


The state of the art user friendly interface of Adsystech’s Enterprise Case Management Solution brings agencies together to focus on their community’s well-being and self-sufficiency.

Software should not be a barrier, it should be bridge. Adsystech’s ECM software is designed to be so easy to use that a child could operate it. This means our customers can focus on assisting their clients rather than getting assistance on their software.
Adsystech understands your need for high-quality reporting vital to your funders and your investments. Providing user friendly, easily configured, scalable, real-time access to data, reporting and dashboard capabilities means that organizations are assisted (by Adsystech) in their ability to effectively deliver results in relation to client gains and services rendered. Since our software also follows HUD compliance, Adsystech is further able to measure relevant achievement within various programs using standardized criteria.


Adsystech utilizes best practices to benefit underserved communities by addressing the challenges associated with the key domains of self-sufficiency. By encouraging strategic partnerships, Adsystech has been successful in establishing scalable enterprise solutions for community-oriented organizations.

With an integrated Client Portal, state of the art Workflow Engine and sophisticated Coordinated Exchange Service, Adsystech’s software will provide your community with some of the most powerful, easy to use and refined software in the industry.

Having offices worldwide, Adsystech can provide your community the type of reliable software and supportive services needed to run a high functional community driven system.

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