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3 Ways to Improve Care Coordination

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Care coordination has been shown to be very advantageous to the clients that receive coordinated services.  It also helps keep doctors, care givers, and organizations current with necessary information regarding their patient. When the care coordination is well structured, individuals can reap the benefits to best meet their needs. Care coordination can sometimes be intensive when client information is not readily available or communication with other caregivers is inconsistent. To mitigate these issues, here are 3 ways care coordination can be improved:

  1. Patient-centered approach-Coordinated care focuses on an individual’s wellness as a whole. When you take a patient centered approach, you tailor the services to their needs rather than enrolling them into programs based on enrollment stats. Providing patients with educational information regarding their chornic illnesses so that they can better participate in maintaining their own health.
  2. Adopt EHRs (Electronic Health Records)- EHRs can help to facilitate care coordination in a number of ways. It gives care givers the ability to distribute patient records to authorized providers efficiently. EHRs can also organize a patients health information and can alert medical providers if a patient is sent to the hospital, allowing them to stay current and tend to patient’s needs more effectively. EHRs can reduce possible medical errors because of it allows the client information  to be readily available.
  3. Follow up Appointments- Have proactive follow up appointments to ensure your client is doing well and received the proper services.

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