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Why Document Management Systems Fail & How to Prevent System Failure

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After doing research on finding the best solutions that best suit your company’s needs and purchasing them, you hope that this solution will improve work flow and productivity. Many times problems arise after implementing a new solution. Here are a few reasons why document management systems fail:

  • The solutions you are using are difficult to use. Many times when a software is not user friendly or intuitive, users may be using the solution incorrectly, which can be time consuming and ultimately affect productivity.
  • If you do not have a measurable specific desired outcome, your newly purchased management system may not make a difference in your productivity. If there are many errors in your system for example, make it a goal to reduce the amount of errors by a certain number, and give yourself a specific date to have it reduced by.
  • Try to implement the solution one department at a time.
  • Host trainings so that users have knowledge on how to correctly use the document management systems. If users know how to use the software, they will be able to work efficiently. It is also good to provide other helpful documentation, video tutorials, and other materials that users may use for reference when they need help.
  • Be flexible by making the necessary changes to get maximum user satisfaction and implementation and always consider employee feed back and address any concerns they may have.
  • Once the department is well equipped to handle the new document management system, have them assist in training the next department. It is also a good idea here to have a measurable and specific goal as far as a date for when the next department to have implemented the new document management system.

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