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“A nonprofit agency, CAMBA was the cornerstone of my Flatbush neighborhood flushed with immigrants, particularly of Hispanic, Asian and Caribbean origin at the time. I am running this race to raise awareness for CAMBA and the value it adds to the community it serves.”

-Maryann Reid (message to potential sponsors for the upcoming NYCRuns Race)

New Yorkers came out with running shoes in tow, ready to lace up for NYCRuns!

With amazing incentives, like supporting CAMBA’s life-changing programs(or 2 tickets to CAMBA’s Casino night out for the highest fundraiser), there seemed to be a fair amount of enthusiasm surrounding the fundraising opportunity. Thanks to sponsors and fundraisers willing run for a cause, the  NYCRUNS race around Prospect Park actually ended up raising an impressive $47,000!! Of course CAMBA can’t send out enough thanks to their participants and the money raised. The agency is excited to now have additional funds to bring more of their critical life-changing programs and services to New Yorkers in need.  You probably are curious as to who were the fundraising contest winners, winning the 1st place prize (2 tickets for CAMBA’s Casino Night Out) and 2nd place prize (4 tickets to CAMBA Night at the Ballpark) prospectively for raising the highest amounts: Michael Ross and Maryann Reid. Congratulations to them both and congratulations to CAMBA for their huge success surrounding their annual fundraising race!


“I exceeded my goal. Raised $1,040 without selling anything. This charity fundraising showed me alot about the relationships I’ve built over the years, the quality, more than anything else. I had friends drop everything to support, but most support came from strangers. Some had never heard of CAMBA​ but trusted it was good because I said so. They’ve become new friends. Thank you, appreciate the support for such a great cause!”

-Maryann Reid (message to sponsors after completing the race)


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